Jules Pew

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Artist Statement

Jules has recently started to use her studies to show her true self and love of life. She finds beauty in everyone. Her work celebrates this and their vibrancy, painting their flesh against an energetic backdrop of pulsating, psychedelic mayhem, exaggerating colours to what she sees. Using flowers as a euphemism for life and its continuous cycle of life, death and rebirth which must occur is becoming a regular theme. Her work is made to lift spirits and invigorate the viewer.


I started painting again in 2008 after a break of 25 years whilst I brought up a family. My husband co-wrote a song years ago and I thought I'd make an animation for it, I mean how difficult could it be. Ha! First I had to learn to draw again. I was horrified that all my skills had long deserted me. The animation was about London and the UK had just won to host the Olympics in 2012. I'm not an animator and found the whole process tedious, but I managed to finish it a couple of weeks before the opening ceremony. I should go back and re-time certain areas, but I'm now too busy trying to find my voice in paint.

I've painted numerous studies over the last few years and am beginning to have fun with them. While my studies have been muted, I've taken to painting brighter showing my more optimistic side. Also, I'm working on my portraiture and am happy to take commissions for them. I can do them from references, but my stronger work is from life.

Painting still doesn't come easily, but I feel that recently I've begun to find my voice. I hope you enjoy it as I think art should be joyous. Not all realists have to full of doom and gloom.

I live with my husband, sons and a couple of cats in London and pay the bills by being an accountant specialising in charities.

In my ever diminishing spare time, I administrate a forum, along with their Facebook Group and am treasurer of the Bromley Arts Society.

I have some of my work on Redbubble products.

The Black Spot