Jules Pew


Artist Statement

My recent paintings are drawn from my interest in ledgends, people and flowers, combining all three. My imagary is used to celebrate life, even in ugly subjects as I believe in inner beauty. I am inspired by stories and songs, even some made up ones from my imagination, and includes a multitude of symbolism.


I have drawn from when I first could hold a writing instrument, and went to Goldsmiths to do their foundation course. Upon completion, I did not attend a university to do a degree. I continued to paint until I got married and had children.

During that time, I hardly drew, but found other outlets for my art like needlepoint, cross-stich and home decoration. It wasn't until 2008, when a yearning to draw again became too much and I began to put pencil to paper again. At that time I wanted to animate a song my husband had co-written many years ago. First I had to learn to draw again as my skills had become decidedly rusty.

I happened upon a forum, conceptart.org, which sadly is no more, but the members there had a robust outlook on practice, learning and generally improving each other's art, and to those members I'll forever be grateful for the constant kicks up the backside they gave me.

It has taken me a while to find my 'voice', but I'm now painting more and loving every minute of it. Drawing, still does not come as easily as it once did; I struggle at times and have to return to basics every now and then. It is getting easier.

I live with my sons and a couple of cats in London.

In my ever diminishing spare time, I still admin the forum's facebook page and am treasurer of the Bromley Arts Society, with whom I exhibit frequently.

I have some of my work on Redbubble products.